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Homeopathy and Allergy Testing in East Sussex.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2020: Acute respiratory disease - SARS-CoV-2) and proposed vaccine.

"Government of India approves Homeopathy to lead in fight against Covid-19". Total Reported deaths 1,389 (at May 3rd -source Wikipedia).
In the UK all 5 NHS homeopathic hospitals closed!

My name is Keith Smith and I have worked as a qualified and registered homeopath for over 22 years. Though I retired from practising homeopathy in 2020, I continue to offer a laboratory testing service for allergies, digestive functions, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc..

"ALLERGY"/FOOD INTOLERANCE FOR Adults and Children - from £113! BOOK NOW!


Allergix Bloodspot IgG4 Food Antibodies 30 Profile
The IgG4 Food Antibodies is a food sensitivity test which uses a simple blood spot to measure the total IgG levels reacting to common food antigens. Using the blood spot kit means this food intolerance test is simple enough for you to use at home. IgG4 antibody is related to delayed or non–atopic food reactions that exacerbate or contribute to many different health problems. This antibody food sensitivity test is ideal for patients who may suffer from delayed reactions/sensitivities to specific foods.
The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA)™
This test offers a comprehensive look at the overall health of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This stool analysis evaluates:
Gut Metabolic Markers
Gut Microbiology

Telephone 07591155977 and ask to book a test.

Keith Smith L.C.P.H., A.R.H. Licentiate of the College Practical Homeopathy & Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

Homoeopaths see patients with conditions such as:

  • food intolerance
  • allergy
  • stress
  • hair loss/alopecia
  • bereavement
  • postnatal depression
  • arthritis
  • eczema
  • asthma
  • hay fever
  • pregnancy
  • infertility
  • I.B.S.
  • digestive problems
  • M.E.
  • skin disorders

    In addition we work with healthy patients who want preventative treatment to help them stay that way, safely and inexpensively. Patients request remedies to help them avoid everything from coughs, colds, and influenza to bronchitis and hay fever.
    As well as being good value for money, if you belong to one of the health insurance schemes like Simplyhealth, Westfield Health etc., you may be able to claim back some of your treatment costs subject to the benefits of your policy and your policy’s terms and conditions. Please contact Simplyhealth or Westfield Health for more information if required.

    What patients say:-

    "My dear daughter was born healthy, happy and alert but soon after her *** *********** she started showing signs of autism, she lost whatever little speech she had and was not the same happy baby she used to be.
    I contacted Mr. Smith after reading about homeopathy **** for autism. Just after two remedies she is doing a lot better. She is much happier and so are we. We can't thank Mr Keith Smith enough. S.C.

    "Just to let you know that J**** returned to school today, almost completely restored to his normal self after just 3 doses of the remedy. He just has a mild cough now.
    Yet again J**** has responded really well to treatment.
    Many thanks for so quickly sorting out the right remedy for him." C.D.

    "Dear Keith,
    I just wanted to thank you for your support over the last few months, and to let you know that I am feeling much better,the remedies you prescribed have been of great help to me."

    "Keith - thank you for the tablets. I slept 6 hours natural sleep last night - first time for months!
    C. B.

    "Once again my wife and I came through last winter without a cold or flu and I would be pleased if you could let us have a supply (of tablets) to take us until the end of April".
    P. Scott

    "After being quite unwell with stomach problems for about a year, I went to see Keith, who told me it would take about 6 months for my body to repair itself. All my friends were a bit dubious but after just 3 months I feel great and can't thank Keith enough for what he has done for me!"
    Sarah W.

    "My daughter aged 2 1/2 years had been suffering from reoccurring ***********. At first she would have a bout of it about once a month and then it became every 1 - 2 weeks. I am a great believer in homeopathy and all it took was one remedy from Keith and my daughter has not suffered from it since. It is such a relief and there was no need for any antibiotics or operations!"
    Melanie H.

    "It is 7 months since my first visit to you with joint pains and digestion problems. At the time you gave me an allergy test, recommended avoiding various foods and suggested supplements and homeopathic medications. It is now 3 months since my last visit and I am pleased to report that both problems are still under control. I am writing to thank you for the help and advice that you gave to me".
    Christine V.

    "Things are so much better for me since I was seeing you - I drive without too much stress now, I look after my granddaughter during the weekends and sometimes overnight and enjoy it very much - although I still worry a little! I have been away on a couple of long weekends and have coped a lot better than I used to. There are so many things that I do now that a few years ago I could not do without severe stress and discomfort and I would like you to know that I think of you often and am so grateful that I was led to your treatment at a time of great despair".
    Sue S.

    "I would like to thank you for the ****** remedies which I find have a quicker efficiency than antibiotics. Soon after the first tablet, my ***** tightness and pain has been relieved".
    Sonia H.

    "I have recently suffered from a ****** ****** which caused me crippling pain every time I ate any food. This resulted in my weight plummeting to 7 st. and my ***** function was affected. Like many people I had to wait many weeks to be seen by the local hospital outpatients clinic. But due to medication for ***** support from Keith, when I next had a follow up scan on my *****, the consultant seemed surprised to find how quickly my ***** has recovered and returned to 100% functionality. My weight has returned to normal and I feel well. I cannot thank Keith enough for his treatment and support, and spending so much time listening to me when I was feeling so unwell. Thank you Keith!"
    Janet G.

    "For no apparent reason I developed excruciating pains in my lower back and left leg and part of my foot became numb, I could barely walk. After having strong painkillers (I was with the fairies!) and then over the counter pain killers there was no relief from the agony, my energy levels were zero, although I had always led a very active life. On recommendation I visited Mr Keith Smith and within two weeks I was weaned off the painkillers. With regular medication I steadily improved but was told it would not be a quick fix. Now three and a half months (it is not a quick fix) I am 99.9% back to normal, walking miles and even wearing stiletto heels! I just wish to say thankyou Mr Smith for giving me back my life.
    Eileen B.

    "I'm writing you to tell you that my *********'s just disappeared, jupiiiiiii! Well actually it did 2 weeks ago! I still have some white-plain marks..., but I'm sure they will disappear soon too! So, imagine how happy I am, thank youuuu!" P.J.

    "Dear Keith, what a wonderful service - nothing changes." G.B.

    To find me on google just search for homeopath East Sussex or allergy testing Eastbourne.
    To email me just click here

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