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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know that homeopathy will help me to get well?

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that was originated by a german doctor with the aim of a safe and gentle restoration of health.

It has been used to successfully treat millions of patients throughout the world for more than 200 years.

In my experience almost all patients improve significantly - for longstanding symptoms this may require perseverence, in other cases relief can occur very quickly.

If you want to come to discuss whether homeopathy can help you, then ring us on 07591155977 and book a free 15 minute consultation.

How much does homeopathic treatment cost?

The first homeopathic consultation lasts one hour and costs £65. All homeopathic remedies prescribed are included.
Follow up consultations last up to half an hour and cost £45 including homeopathic remedies.
Childrens’ follow up consultations cost £30 including homeopathic remedies.
(skype consultations cost £64/£44 and £29 for children's follow up appointments).

Can I have a home visit?

Yes. Normally this would cost more, to cover the extra time and travel expenses.

However a lot of patients are happy to have follow up consultations by telephone, supplemented if desired by email or letter. In these cases I will do the initial home visit anywhere in East Sussex for the standard charge of £65. Telephone follow-ups are also charged at the standard rate for follow-ups (£45). Outside of East Sussex, the initial consultation fee for a home visit is by negotiation, with subsequent telephone follow-ups costing £45.

Do you test for allergies, candida, mercury toxicity etc.?


Testing for allergies, food sensitivities, hormone levels, organ function, candida, toxicity, pathogens (bacteria/fungus etc.), nutritional deficiencies using the QX bio resonance scan takes one hour and costs £65. It is non invasive and doesn’t involve any needles or discomfort.

Alternatively laboratory testing of samples costs from £19 upwards depending on tests required.

What else do you offer?

Life coaching.

First Line Therapy (to achieve a healthy body composition/weight and reduce the risk of many critical health concerns).

and . . .

Predictive Genomics For Personalized Medicine

Introducing Personalized Genetic Testing For Your Health - Now, you can identify individual potential risk for certain diseases, and get accurate reports on how to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of disease later in life.

Genetic Knowledge Is Freedom Of Choice.

The recent completion of the Human Genome Project has made possible a simple genetic test that can actually reveal an individual’s potential susceptibility to specific diseases,making advance risk reporting possible. This highly accurate genetic diagnostic testing called GENOVATIONS TM can clearly pinpoint health risks which previously would have been lurking out-of-sight. With this new information, you and your physician can make smarter decisions about your health care so you can avoid the health conditions you may encounter otherwise. Ask about getting your own personalized GENOVATIONS TM report. Then you can travel down life’s road more relaxed, and more confident of better health..

Keith Smith is a local Homeopath, writer and Life Coach and can be contacted at homeopathyforhealth.org.uk or by emailing [email protected] or Tel: 07591155977

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